Provider Directory

The Returning Veterans Project provider directory is a list of independent mental and physical health service providers who offer free, confidential services to post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members, and their families. Returning Veterans Project providers are located throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington and hold a current license in their area of practice, have current liability insurance, and attend orientation prior to joining our network.

If you are outside our service area, please visit our Resources page to find services near you.

Do I qualify for Returning Veterans Project services?

How to Find a Provider

Step 1: Start your search by using the drop-down lists above. Once you have your search criteria selected, click “Find Now.” A list of providers that match your search will appear. (Please note you may have to “scroll down” to see your search results as they appear toward the bottom of the same page).

Step 2: Look through the list of providers and select one that fits your needs.

Step 3: After you find your preferred provider, call to schedule an appointment with them. Please tell the provider that you were referred by the Returning Veterans Project when you call to schedule an appointment.

Step 4: Please know it is our goal to make sure you access a provider. If you have any trouble finding a provider or scheduling an appointment, please call our office at 503-954-2259 so we can provide further assistance.

Helpful tips for finding a Provider

  • It is recommended to search by “practice type.”
  • “Client type” means the provider is intentionally open to and educated about the challenges faced by this specific population.
  • You may see more than one Returning Veteran Project provider for different types of services. For example, you may visit an acupuncture provider while you are also visiting a mental health counselor.
  • Keep in mind that the nearest provider may be in a neighboring county.
  • If you are looking for a specific provider by name, you can type it into the “Provider Name” field and click “Find Now.” Please note that exact spelling is required.
  • You can view all of the available providers in our directory by leaving all search options blank, then click “Find Now.”
  • You can reset your search to clar the search selections and start again.

Please note all provider information in our directory is self-reported, and we do not endorse or recommend any particular provider. We encourage you to contact the provider if you have any questions about their professional practices and competency.

If you are unhappy with your services, we encourage you to speak directly with your provider to address any concerns or complaints. If you believe the provider has acted unethically, you can contact the provider’s licensing board which governs provider ethical standards and practices. You can also contact the Returning Veterans Project by phone or email for further assistance.