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Sabrina Walters

Practice type: Mental health/counseling, Equine Therapy
Helping Hands Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy
17250 NE Lewis Rogers Lane
Newberg OR 97132
Google Maps: Link
Accepting new clients? Yes
Available hours: Days, Weekends
Client focus: Veterans, Family

I do Equine Assisted Therapy, meaning we use horses to help people heal. Horses are excellent co-therapists because they have the same mirror neurons in their brains as we do, which help them reflect the emotions we bring with us into the arena. We do all "ground" work, meaning we never get on the horses. You will be working with horses to help you solve whatever issue it is you choose to work on. Please check out my website under "counseling" to get more of what we offer to clients.

Wheelchair accessible: Yes


License number: T0546

Forward Stride

Practice type: Equine Therapy
18218 SW Horse Tail Dr
Beaverton OR 97007
Google Maps: Link
Accepting new clients? Yes
Available hours: Evenings, Weekends
Client focus: Veterans, Spouses of Veterans, Couples, Children, Family, LGBTAQ

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) are therapy sessions for personal growth and treatment for those with mental disorders.
Sessions are available to adults and adolescents and can be in an individual or group therapy setting. The Therapy Team consists of a Mental Health Therapist (certified with EAGALA- Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association), the Equine Specialist (certified with PATH), and at least one horse. Clients interact with the horses in order to promote growth and learning. Often a session begins with greeting and spending time with the horse. This may include grooming or walking with the horse. The therapist usually gives the client(s) a task to work on. This may include building obstacles or paths to represent things in their lives. It might involve moving a horse to a particular area. Clients are encouraged to observe and think about what the horses do and how they react. The therapist assists clients to draw parallels between their own lives and what happens in session.
EFP is considered an experiential therapy. What this means is that the clients are able to learn, grow, and heal by considering their entire experience in the arena. The therapist assists the clients to process their experiences such that they can transfer their new learning to their day to day life. Research shows that spending time with animals and being in natural settings is beneficial to our health. EFP is a holistic approach that creates rich memories that stick with clients for long periods of time. We offer group therapy once a month to veterans. Interested veterans and/or their families may also participate in individual therapy, a teen therapy group, or a women’s trauma recovery group.

Wheelchair accessible: Yes


License number: