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  • Click Here for our May News Letter.
  • 153 Returning Veterans Project’ volunteer practitioners across Oregon and in Vancouver, Washington in 2013 collectively delivered 3,843 hours of free, confidential counseling, chiropractic & naturopathic care, acupuncture and massage to: 393 returning veterans and active duty service members and, 160 family members (20 percent increase over 2012).
  • Click Here to See our 2013 Annual Report.
  • Thank you Give!Guide Supporters! Together you raised $11,343 to support our services for post 9/11 Service Members, Veterans and their Families.
  • Please read this thank you to RVP providers from Terri Chapman of the Oregon Air National Guard.
  • Read a letter from Oregon Governor Kitzhaber recognizing the work of RVP providers.
  • Please view our one-minute video About the Returning Veterans Project
  • RVP Car Donation Program - Got an extra car, boat, plane, helicopter or RV sitting around? Donate your vehicle to help RVP (choose RVP in the Partners dropdown menu)!

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The Portland Radio Project Community Voices


Interviews with Returning Veterans and our Executive Director Belle Landau

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Free Confidential Mental Health & Somatic Healthcare Services for Current War Veterans & Their Families in Oregon and Southwest Washington

Our Mission: Returning Veterans Project is a nonprofit organization comprised of politically unaffiliated and independent health care practitioners who offer free and confidential services to returning veterans and service members of the current Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns and their families. Services are available in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Our volunteer providers are mental health professionals, acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and other complementary health care practitioners. We believe it is our collective responsibility to offer support and healing for the short and long-term repercussions of war zone service on veterans and their families.

To Current War Veterans

We recognize that returning to civilian life can have physical, emotional and psychological challenges. Our providers have volunteered to give you the care you need to come all the way home.

To Active Duty Service Members, National Guard and Reservists

An upcoming deployment or redeployment can be extremely stressful as you face unknown challenges and separation from loved ones. Whether before your deployment or while you're on leave, our providers are ready to serve you.

To Military Family Members and Survivors

Having a loved one deployed is one of the most challenging experiences a family can face. The volunteer professionals at the Returning Veterans Project are here to support you before, during and after your loved one's deployment.



We are profoundly committed to providing safe, confidential counseling and health care treatment experiences for current war veterans, service members and military families. No information will be released to any outside party with the following exceptions as required by law:

  • If you give written authorization to release information to a particular person
  • If you are an immediate danger to self or to others
  • If there is reason to suspect child or elder abuse/neglect
  • To a court under court order

Please ask your provider or call or email mail@returningveterans.org with any questions or for further clarification. Current war veterans, service members and military family members, please click here to find a provider. Licensed mental health and health care practitioners, please click here to volunteer your services.

RVP Vision

Returning Veterans Project was created as a conduit for professionals to give to veterans and their families, and for veterans to find health services in confidential settings that help them feel welcome in the community. To create a supportive network of community resources for returning veterans and their families we:

  • Offer free confidential counseling and therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, massage therapy and other health care services.

  • Educate and mobilize the community through speaking engagements to raise awareness of the challenges experienced by returning veterans and their families.

  • Offer current and specialized clinical workshops to further train our volunteer health care providers.

  • Serve as an information source for veterans and their families, professional providers, military and community-based organizations.

  • Network and collaborate with other military and civilian veterans service organizations to provide opportunities for veterans